Style Meets Seduction


Thursday, August 11th   6:00PM  at Polished Image, 1 West Street NYC


Flirting is a joy- healthy, fun and good for your ego. Better than Prozac. In the pursuit of love and companionship we flirt with our style to seduce, so we get to revel in the intimacy and passion that we crraaavvve.

Here darling vixen, is the Formula:
Your attitude + your look + your ability to seduce      = the desired outcome ♥

Enjoy a lesson in how to show case yourself from head to toe to bedroom in the most flattering ways possible ;)

Highlights include:
♦ A lesson in the art of flirting, which may or may not lead to seduction- your call!
♦ Spontaneity, Adventure and Playfulness
♦ All about the bodoir [your bedroom]
♦ Let’s light you up –makeup, colors, texture and scent
♦ The outfit vs. the lingerie
♦ The 5 senses multiplied by Fantasy
♦ Environment, entertaining and hygiene – From a man’s view
♦ Become a ultra-classy Master Man Magnet

The key to seduction is spontaneity and carefully selecting the person to give to- one who will most likely reciprocate!  This delves farther beyond the simplicity of physicality; it exists within the passion that exists within our active hearts and mind.
This will be a very exciting event ♥

Tickets are $55. and include champagne, hors d’oeuvres and networking. Register at